E-Health and Health Informatics

Health Informatics is a catch-all word for all "informatics" in healthcare. My bachelor's degree is termed "health informatics," which is a fairly wide word. It can, for example, include all information systems in a hospital (creation, usage in a hospital or doctor's office), or it can be an accounting system for a doctor's office (which has unique needs in healthcare), or a healthcare data centre, and so on. E-Health is a term used to describe the use of electronic devices in healthcare, such as sending electronic patient records via the HL7 protocol or sending a request for an X-ray exam from one system (e.g., hospital information system) to another (radiology information system) rather than paper-based requests. In recent years, another name has evolved, "m-Health," which stands for "mobile Health" and is a subset of E-Health. It is used primarily for mobile device use in healthcare."

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